ZTE Blade Lite V7, the OS Marshmallow Plus Fingerprint Scanner

ZTE Blade Lite V7, the OS Marshmallow Plus Fingerprint ScannerZTE Blade Lite V7 – At the MWC 2016 ago, ZTE introduced two smartphones named V7 and V7 Lite. Both smartphones are too high to receive adequate attention because ZTE this time issued a middle-class smartphone that uses a fingerprint scanner. Lite was also announced V7 will not reach the $ 200 price. And speaking about the ZTE V7 Lite, We was the arrival of the sample product.

Smartphone that led to the youth market has a pretty slick design. At the rear, there is writing Designed By Munich Design Center is where ZTE has design centers are located in Munich, Germany, in collaboration with designaffairs GmbH, a design consultant from Germany since 2013. And the results of these collaborations produce a smartphone that uses an aluminum frame this.

ZTE Blade V7 Lite

For specifications, ZTE V7 Lite uses Mediatek MT 6735 SoC with quad-core Cortex A-53 1 GHz and a Mali T720 GPU. RAM installed has a capacity of 2 GB and internal storage is 16 GB and you can add microSD slot SIM 2 to 128 GB. With a 5-inch screen dimensions, this smartphone has a resolution of 720p. The operating system used is Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Design and Software
Smartphone with affordable prices is indeed quite unique because it uses a metal frame and the rear body are made the same. And speaking of the body back, the fingerprint sensor can be found in the section. In the metal frame, there are several keys as well as expansion slots.

As for the top, can be found holes of 3.55 mm audio jack for earphones, headphones, and microphone. Then on the right side there is a micro SIM slot and power button.

On the left side there is a microSD slot and volume buttons. And at the bottom can be found microphone and MicroUSB slot. ZTE Blade Lite V7 uses unibody models. This indicates that the battery is installed on the smartphone can not easily be replaced without having to disassemble the case behind him.

ZTE Blade V7 Lite

ZTE also still maintain the design of their soft button. Users have to remember exactly where the back button and menu (for a recent app, press the right soft button for two seconds). It is also quite confusing for those who are often forgotten.

Interface owned by ZTE Blade V7 Lite has been modified specifically that made it no longer has the app drawer. Not difficult to learn user interface ZTE. Even a novice user can more easily recognize V7 Lite by navigating with a launcher like this.

ZTE V7 Lite using a camera with a resolution that can be raised up to 13 megapixels. However, when launched at MWC 2016, ZTE stated that the smartphone is using a camera with 8 megapixel sensor. We still did not have information on whether ZTE interpolate to increase the number of pixels or indeed the version sold in Indonesia using different camera sensor.

For the result, We would see no difference between the front camera uses an 8 megapixel sensor with a rear camera that uses a resolution of “13 megapixel”. On a fairly light conditions, making this smartphone produce images that are less sharp. We suspect noise reduction algorithms in the ZTE Blade Lite V7 too aggressive. On the front was, We also see quite a lot of pictures that caught like watercolor.

Performance and Battery
V7 Lite manufactured using Mediatek SoC MT6735p that use four processor cores. By using 1 GHz clock course, this smartphone supports 64 bit instruction, which makes it much faster than 1 GHz quad-core smartphone else on the market. This chipset uses the ARM Mali-T720 GPU which has a strong performance when used in game play.

ZTE Blade Lite V7 also excellent when used for work. However, We little feeling fairly slow process when doing image editing in an amount that is not too large. This could be because the processor clock that is on the ZTE Blade Lite V7 only at 1 GHz only.

The test results do We battery is also quite good. To test the battery, We using BatteryXPRT application. With a battery capacity of 2500 mAh, this smartphone can be used in standard conditions for about 19 hours. It may be due to the feature of Android Marshmallow.

ZTE smartphone tries to offer a solution that is safe and has an affordable price. Therefore, ZTE Blade V7 not only comes with a fingerprint scanner, but also has a metal body that makes it more resistant to any terrain. With the price of one million only, making this smartphone is suitable for those who need secure access a smartphone but has very limited funds.

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