Easy to Pokemon Use Map Ingress

Easy to Pokemon Use Map Ingress

Before the collaboration with Nintendo, the Niantic known game developers create game Pokemon Go Ingress. There is a GPS-based game portal and Artificial Reality (AR) is the way to play like Pokemon Go. Reportedly utilizing Ingress maps, more easily able to Pokemon.

How that can easily Pokemon using a map Ingress is not too difficult. First, plug the Ingress game that can be downloaded on Google Play and iOS App Stores sotre. So you can see that the portal at Ingress location that is almost similar to Pokestop and Gym.

Besides having Ingress portal also has XM Field. The indication in the form of white spots. This is not the same as the location Pokestop and Gym in Pokemon Go. Location XM Field is alleged to be a hunting guide for Pokemon. To save your trip please read : Pokemon Go Coming Kick Players Cheaters Forever


By combining both aplkasi the Ingress and Pokemon Go, will more easily be able to Pokemon desired. Ingress just use the map to find a location, and then after I got XM Field, you just open the app Pokemon Go.

It is said that not all locations XM Field capable of being indicators. But this saves time and energy, considering that walking around while powering applications Pokemon Go highly drain the phone battery.

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