Danger Pokemon Go For Children

Danger Pokemon Go For Children

Surely you’ve heard the application called Pokemon Go. Yes, Pokemon Go is an application that is so much discussed lately. Since its launch on July 6, the popularity of Pokemon Go continues to climb. Also has millions of users around the world, ranging from the elderly to children once.

To play Pokemon Go, we have to move and to travel ‘around town’. Pokemon Go was born as a solution for gamers that are identical to sitting all day in front of a computer. But when seen further, Pokemon Go have a negative impact also loh. Especially for small children who still need guidance from parents. Following a negative impact Pokemon Go for kids:

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Walk alone

To play Pokemon Go, you may not be only silence in the room alone. You have to travel ‘around town’ to search for Pokemon or Pokestop in the real world. To look for it, it could be you will walk to the middle of nowhere that you also may have never visited.

For adults, this may not be a problem. Adults can calmly way to there to here without a lot of risk. But it is quite dangerous for children if it is running alone without assistance. It is not impossible, the child could get lost or to meet people who have good intentions along the way. We never know what dangers lurk children on the streets is not it? To save your trip please read : Easy to Pokemon Use Map Ingress

Playing on the road

Pokemon Go uses Augmented Reality technology that combines the real world and the world of software on your smartphone. With it, Pokemon Go “require” us to keep staring at a smartphone while walking to explore the surrounding area, whether it’s searching for Pokemon and Pokestop. Quite often these activities are done in a big way that many passing vehicles. Surely it is quite dangerous for children.

The majority of the children will be very focused on one thing. If he is happy at anything, he will not care about the environment. Therefore, if the kids playing Pokemon Go and began to ‘hunt’ around the highway, it helps you as a bigger person to accompany and assist along the ‘hunt’.

Spend money

Pokemon Go it can be downloaded for free on the internet. But did you know, Pokemon Go online store inside the application. Then what is sold in the store?

Pokemon Go online store sells a wide range of items for the future development of its Pokemon belongs. Sales system in the form of Pokemon Go coins that can be bought with real money.

If the children are already opium to this game, it is not likely he will ask to buy the coins. Or it could be the children to use all means to achieve its goals.

Maybe this is not a problem for some people. But wait a minute, let’s look further, what is the benefit of buying these coins? If to satisfy a feeling, of course yes. But are not these monies could be used for more important things?


Everything excessive is not good lah, including playing games. Not only children, even adults alike. Admittedly, Pokemon Go pretty cool to play. But let’s not addicted to play it. Especially in children.

Children have a duty to learn as much as possible for the provision of future lives. If you spent too much to play the game, it seems a pity on wasted time.

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