Go Messenger, Chat Application For The Trainers Pokemon Go

Go Messenger, Chat Application For The Trainers Pokemon GoPokemon Go – You are bored with dots Pokestop that it once again? Already then, at points it did not appear the new monsters. As a result the collection of Pokemon in your Pokedex not growing. Well, now it’s time to hang out with fellow trainer Pokemon Go. Dear to this day no messenger in Pokemon Go menu.

Attendance application also dubbed Go Messenger or Messenger for Pokemon Go may be an important solution to bring together and give each other information media. These new applications emerge weeks ago and has already been downloaded by more than 100 thousand trainer Pokemon Go.

The core of the use of this app is actually very simple. Messages or chat messenger who applied to be public. So that anyone involved will obtain information or up-date of all players. Although some menu Team Chat.

Sometimes there is only one messes leaked hoaxes. Eg discovered many new monsters in region X, when the news was false. The problem is, the data information of chatter in Go Messenger application is not detailed and include such as phone numbers or email should other chat applications.

So yes you must be careful. It is also not available capture a screen that is particularly important to provide some kind of proof that there was indeed a viable Pokemon hunted. So get ready for it do not take feelings.

STEP 1: Fill Your Name

After downloading the application to file is 3.7 MB and then fill in the name (nickname), select teams, and enable the option Floating Chat.

STEP 2: Agree Information

After you read the information, and agree, tap Let’s Go to proceed to the next stage

STEP 3: Message and Distance

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When entering into a chat board, the message from other trainers, complete with post time and distance or position when he sent the last message.

STEP 4: Settings

On the Settings menu are also available within the radius of the other trainers. If you want more information, of course just slide a distance radius.

STEP 5: Send Message

To send a message, simply hover over a message box, type and tap the send icon. Then your message will be read to all the trainers with a radius that you specify.

STEP 6: Send Location

If you want to share the location of Pokemon, tap the icon in the message box locator, GPS will point to your position, and tap the send icon to share.

STEP 7: Change team

If you get bored with the old team, you can move the team. You do this by going to Settings and select Team and feel free to change to another team.

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