Review – OPPO F1 Included in The Big 3 Best-selling, OPPO Sure F1s be No.1

Review OPPO F1 Included in The Big 3 Best-selling, OPPO Sure F1s be No.1OPPO F1 – Counterpoint research institute in a press release dated August 23, 2016 to provide data 10 best-selling smartphone in Indonesia. OPPO put 3 products in the best-selling smartphone models represented by F1, and F1 Neo 7 Plus.

“Warm outstanding against F1 makes the smartphone OPPO best-selling, in the future these products will be replaced by our latest models F1s that we will make as well as the best selling in the price range $ 226.24 to $ 301.66,” said Ivan Lau, CEO OPPO.

Top selling smartphone Q2Ranked Q2 Smartphone Sales in 2016

On the data Counterpoint, OPPO F1 becomes the best-selling device in the second quarter of 2016, with the percentage of 4.4% followed by a series of Neo 7 with a percentage of 4.3%. In the 7th place there OPPO F1 Plus which stands at 2.9%. OPPO‘s own optimistic developments F1s percentage of sales in the coming quarters, especially in the earlier figures preorder the device is at 17,000 units in a week.

F1s believed it would be easy to be accepted by society because OPPO presenting device with premium design and many new features that have been required by consumers. In addition, factors appointment of the new brand ambassador, Reza Rahadian and Chelsea Islan will help facilitate the introduction of the F1s to consumers, such as the model of previous F1.

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Besides carrying 16 Megapixel front camera incorporates some interesting features like the beautify 4.0, screen flash and panorama selfie selfie, F1s bring excellence in feature fingerprint scanner that can be customizable with a shortcut to an application. Other deals that can satisfy consumers is the presence of qualified specifications, octacore processor, 2GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, and support two cards on the 4G LTE network.

Counterpoint on the results of the data itself in the top 10 best sellers in Indonesia is dominated by Samsung and Asus, as well as the OPPO. Most of the demand is from mid-level smartphone.

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