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samsung z2Samsung Z2 – Two years ago IDC predicts that make research and development of sales of smartphones based on the type of operating system until 2018. From the prediction that there are only two operating systems that will experience growth. That Windows Phone and other operating systems. While the three OS (Android, iOS and BlackBerry) will go down. In short, Android will stay master of 77.6 percent alias still very dominant. iOS dropped slightly to 13.7 percent, while the BlackBerry stay 0.3 percent.

For two OS are up popped the question. First, right Windows Phone could rise to 6.4 percent, while Microsoft itself had stated the decline in sales in 2015 and this year even no news will release the new Lumia series. But there are some vendors who intend to take part in Windows 10. It may be that this is good news.

The second question, another operating system what kind of in 2018 will reach 2.1 percent above alias BlackBerry?

If the betting mobile OS Samsung is currently the most serious. What else could it continue with Tizen OS. Ubuntu into this group. But Ubuntu is supported by strong manufacturing ecosystem.

Other records show, secretly Samsung in 2015 successfully sold three million units Tizen based smartphone. Of the total figure, 900 thousand units were sold in the fourth quarter of 2015. This amount is not large, compared with reports that Microsoft is able to sell 4.5 million Lumia units in the same quarter.

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But by entering the market in the area of Bangladesh, Nepal and India, the two series (Samsung Z1 and Z3) then there is no answer. Those countries are strategic markets. Three countries have become a sort of pilot project in which consumers need a device that is very affordable but the caliber of smartphones, also with class smartphone design today. In other words, there is a market entry level class that is very potential. They may find a local brand Android smartphone priced under $ 1 million, but they did not find there the name of Samsung, Sony, LG, and other global brands.

So, in 2015 new opening stage alone will penetrate OS Tizen transported by the series with its own nickname, the Z family.

The other day, Tizen invasion round resumed. Still in the same country, India, is present Samsung Z2. If in-rupiah exchange rate to only $ 67.95. This figure is less than the Samsung Z1 or Z3 released were a little above $ 75.5.

Tizen as Android, both open source Linux-based. In the hands of Samsung have been developed for multidevice, in addition to the smartphone also smart televisions and disposable devices (wearable device). A number of popular applications such as WhatsApp is also available.

samsung z2

Tizen smartphone itself be called everything is still low-end class, even under its standard entry level Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy J1 call. So no wonder if the Samsung Galaxy J1 can not be sold for Samsung Z2. Although kedunya already standardized access to 4G LTE.

In the cost, price and specifications of Samsung Z2 cheap components combined with legal fees for the use of the operating system is cheaper because of its own, as well as iOS on the iPhone. This great work is to build an ecosystem in addition to the development of particular developer. Tizen often make business applications making competition, the prize was not kidding, reaching a total prize of $ 188750.5.

The following comparison of Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) with Samsung Z2:

samsung z2 VS samsung galaxy j1.jpg

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