Axioo Windroid 10G+, Can Tablet, Notebook, Android, and Windows 10

Axioo Windroid 10G+, Can Tablet, Notebook, Android, and Windows 10Axioo Windroid 10G+ – With the release of Windows 10 operating system and Android, the era of tablet usage into the fight more aggressively again. Android and Windows 10 both offer positive solutions that really make people want to have both. So what if a device can get both? That matter is attempted solved by Axioo.

Previously, Axioo has also been issued a 2 in 1 notebook with names Windroid 9G+ with dimensions of 8.9 inches. Currently, they already have the successor, called Axioo Windroid 10G+. Basically, this device is a 2 in 1 notebook from Axioo that use two operating systems, namely Windows 10 and Lollipop Android 5.0 and has a feature to be able to connect to a 3G network and HSDPA. This of course makes users no longer have to choose to buy a tablet with Android operating system Windows 10 or the latest Lollipop.

Axioo Windroid 10G+ is equipped with a system on chip Intel Atom Baytrail with Z3735F wearing quad core Intel Atom processor speed of 1.3 GHz to 1.83 GHz and Intel HD Graphics GPU codenamed Rogue. It seems like GPU is manufactured by PowerVR. RAM installed 2 GB of internal storage for Android with a capacity of 4 GB and 20 GB for Windows 10. Unfortunately indeed, for some people, a capacity of 4 GB for Android is considered very small.

Design and Software

Notebook Axioo Windroid 10G+ is a 2 in 1 that can be turned into a tablet. Its own docking keyboard has chiclet design keys are small enough unfortunately. It is certainly not convenient for those who have large fingers.

Axioo Windroid - 10G

By pressing one button, making Windroid 10G+ change from a notebook into a tablet.

Agency that the notebook has dimensions of 257.6 x 172.2 x 9.7 mm and 231.2 x 147.5 x 20.8 mm when paired with a docking keyboard. Windroid 10G+ has a screen with a size of 10 inches and a resolution of 1366 x 768. For weight, Axioo Windroid 3G+ weighs approximately 470g and 600g while a tablet when paired its docking. Of course, with weights like this, when placed in a duffel bag, it will not make its users into lumbago.

On the screen itself or when used as a tablet, Windroid 10G+ power button and volume on the top. On the left side, there is a hole 3,55mm audio, microUSB port is also for charging, MiniHDMI, USB, and a reset button. In the covered part has a microSD slot and SIM.

At the dockingnya itself also has an additional USB 2.0 port. Unfortunately indeed, did not reveal any USB 3.0 port on the notebook 2 in 1 this one. We also found a bug where docking keyboard would be difficult to use when it’s time to use this notebook. The solution: restart only.

When booting the first time, users must choose to boot into Windows 10 or android. And user can also directly make the shift from the operating system in Windows 10 or Android Lollipop.

Performance and Battery

With the Intel Atom processor uses a 1.8 GHz clock, it can not be denied that the tablet has a pretty good performance. By using 2 GB of RAM, of course, this notebook is excellent when used to do work with Office. Editing photos with no power hungry software such as Adobe Photoshop CS 2 was also not feel sluggish.

When used in Android mode, the performance can be said to be very good indeed. In fact, this notebook We feel better used in this fashion. However, it is unfortunate that the administration is only 4 GB of storage that can hinder the enjoyment of the use of the Android platform. And Android also can not read the partition used by Windows 10.

Atom processor itself is also known for its ability to suck up less power. Coupled with the 22 nm manufacturing process, of course, the power required across the capacitor becomes lower. This of course makes it suitable for use on a tablet or notebook platform entry level.

The test results We batteries do also bear results very good for a tablet. We test Windroid 10G+ using BatteryXPRT are able to provide estimates of battery life is better. With a battery capacity of 6000 mAh, it turns Axioo Windroid 10G+ can survive up to 13 hours in standard usage. Of course, the resistance will be quickly depleted when the tablet is used for playing games or editing photos and video with the number of lots.


With the high demand for use on Android devices and Windows, of course, makes consumers confused in buying a tablet or notebook that has the Android operating system or Windows. Axioo also offers a solution that was not only brings high performance, but also with a battery that is not less interesting. Users also can connect to the internet via HSDPA network. The price is quite affordable for a notebook makes it suitable for use by all circles.

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