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Prisma, Applications Edit Photo Style PicassoArcaneware – Photo editing application or instant remixing already very much in the Play Store or App Stores. But generally almost uniform. If no offers effects such as cartoons, sketches or paintings. Even some kinds of photo-based social media Instagram also presents.

But this one is exceptional application. In the midst of the commotion game Pokemon Go, suddenly the user profile picture social media or even share a picture is processed application called Prisma.

Prisma requiring data space by 7 MB (for Android) be a refresher on a variety of applications such as Camera360 and the like. Initially through the iOS operating system makes Android users smitten. Only later, July 26 and officially present in the Play Store. Download counts is not currently listed, but if you stop to social media like Instagram, look how people were avid to process images.

Prisma is made by Prisma Labs, Inc. is made up for remixing can be done by anyone. The principle must be instant, easy. Users simply capture a photo (can be front camera / selfies main camera) with his smartphone, then select the effect provided.

Well, his strength is in the grain effect (or filter) is provided. These effects stylized art style of Picasso, Van Gogh, the painter Levitan and other world. Thus, if the results are guaranteed a very different picture and outstanding.

Only two of the day, this application has been responded to by 116 thousand people. Nearly 70 thousand people give it a five star rating.

prisma aplication

Users can take pictures directly from the site or download the viewfinder. But usually for photos taken immediately (even selfie) the quality is much better than the picture downloads. For information, when photographing, the image produced is not too large in size.

For the portraits themselves usually measuring about 150-190 KB. The photo quality was much better. For example the level of brightness, contrast, and other highly determine whether or not the photo filtering.

Meanwhile, if you process images downloaded the results are usually less encouraging. Especially if you want to get the details, especially when using filters or effects such as Light Summer, Mosaic or Heisenberg.

Prisma also offers LED flash activation. So when before capture less light ambience level should enable. This will affect the brightness of the photo.



Currently only available as much as 29 selection filter. Each was given a distinctive name. But do not use the names of streams, such as Van Gogh or Picasso. If you know the style paintings by the famous painter, it should be easier to recognize.

Use of an effect or filter requires a wireless network. May 4G or Wi-Fi. This is because the filtering process is done on the server Prisma Labs. Each filter takes different. For full color filters rather complex and requires a longer time than simple. But no more than 4 minutes, let alone use the 4G network. It also depends on the photograph (color and composition, as well as details) and large image files. Wait until the full triangular indicator that shows the filtering process takes place. Creating Artwork appear the words below the triangle.

Level filters can be arranged at your eyes. You do this by downloading a swipe the screen up or down. Does not require a complicated setup. This effect requires only a percentage rate of processed photos. Start 0% alias is not given effect to 100%, which is very in depth.

Oh yes before choosing the effect you still can zoom photos or specify the focus of the photo.



Prisma provides Settings menu. The setting is only available three types include storing photos of potretan (Save Original Photos), storing the processed filter or effect automatically (Save Artwroks Automatically), and the use of watermarks Prisma (Add Watermark).

If you do not want a photo watermark inscribed “Prisma” at the bottom right of the photo, then turn off the setting Add Watermark.

Besides actually also no menu Share with Friends, but actually in the template homescreen icon Share Prisma are also available. Prisma Labs itself as prioritizing Instagram and Facebook as direct access to share photos.


The processed images (filtering) will appear and you can immediately save to the smartphone memory or sent directly to social media. But if you are still not sharp or the color is not appropriate, should you need other applications.

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