19 New Things in Windows 10 Anniversary

19 New Things in Windows 10 AnniversaryWindows 10 Anniversary – After a free promotion run by Microsoft ended on July 29, 2016, Microsoft also promised to issue an update that contains a variety of bug fixes and new features. Microsoft rarely spend a lot of features in one update, so the Anniversary Edition is quite unique. So what’s new?
CHIP has summarized the various new features. Therefore, let’s look at what’s new operating system Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Oh yes, We also did not forget to say happy belated birthday, WINDOWS 10 …

1. Windows Ink Workspace
For those of you who do not get this new feature and has been upgraded to the anniversary edition, right click on the task bar and select Show Windows Ink Workspace Button. After that, a new feature appeared on the right side of Windows 10. Windows Ink Sticky Note contains new Workspace, a Sketchpad to draw, and Sketch Screen to make a screenshot and directly draw on these screenshots.

Windows Ink

2. Extension on Windows Edge
Not to be outdone by Chrome and Opera, Microsoft is now making additional applications running on their latest browser, Edge. All of these additional applications can be directly taken from the Windows Store.

3. Windows Defender Easier
Windows Defender now has the symbol on the task bar. It is easier for users to access the default anti-virus Windows 10 with ease. Windows Defender will also be an update on a daily basis when needed.

4. Cortana is More Clever
“Hey Cortana!” It is often voiced by users of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Tablet. However, this time has been more recent Cortana. For example, users can call when the computer is locked. Moreover, Cortana also proactive. For example will incorporate the best schedule when sent via email and calendar directly input to the user. Users were also told to stay if you want to send a file, for example “Cortana, Kama send the PowerPoint I worked on last night”. Unfortunately, Cortana can not speak Indonesian.

5. Theme Dark
Many fans of dark themes ask it to Microsoft. And the request was granted on the Anniversary Edition. In Settings> Personalization> Colors, users can choose between a light or dark theme. For those who often use the computer at night, of course, dark theme is more comfortable in the eye. Dark Theme was also suitable for use in the daytime.

Dark Theme

6. Flash Plug-in Click-to-play
No doubt that websites with Flash will become more beautiful. But it can not be denied also that Flash has so many security holes. Therefore, Microsoft uses a new setting in the browser Edge to pause a Flash on a website. Flash content will be able to run as usual, but will not be up-to-load on this browser. Users should click on the content to be executed.

7. Window Hello: Fingerprint for Locks Windows, Applications, and Web
During this time, the fingerprint scanner is only used to unlock a device, like a smartphone. However, if a notebook has such scanner and own Windows 10 Anniversary, not just only the lockscreen Windows can be opened by fingerprint. Microsoft has made its use becomes more widespread, such as when we login to a Google account.

8. WiFi Sense Trashed
One feature that makes the “unwilling” to upgrade from Windows 7, and 8 to 10 are WiFi Sense. This feature makes a PC that has a network password will be automatically shared with your contacts in Facebook, Outlook.com, and Skype. Although these features can be turned off and because only a few are using it, Microsoft seems more choose not to embed these features on the new operating system.

9. Linux? There are in Windows 10
If you’re a developer, today may no longer need to install Linux separately. Microsoft has been working with Canonical to make Ubuntu Linux command line to work full. Command line is not a virtualization or porting. To be able to access, the user must do some special settings.

Bash Windows

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