How to play Pokemon GO on PC or Laptop

Normally, the main game Pokemon Go it’s Yes in smartphones. Either based on Android or iOS. However, for those of you who have to bother if travelling while carrying a smartphone, which is sometimes spelled ‘ stress ‘ of having to run around to get the Pocket Monster (Pokemon) are rather difficult to be arrested, is now able to utilize a special trick to it that doesn’t have to be everywhere.


Create a smartphone user, can take advantage of a pretty extreme way: with a phone using GPS systems to fix the applications ‘ Fake GPS Location Spoofer ‘, which is already widely available in the application. Or it could be using a special application such as ‘ Exposed ‘ Repository Module that requires cell phone diroot. Risk, Go used Pokemon account vulnerable will banned by the developer of Pokémon Go, if you’re not cleverly using the trick.

Well, for you who want a more simple, again without having to sacrifice the smartphone, it can also play games Pokemon Go on PC or Laptop tables. Through this way, you can still play Pokemon Go safely, even without the need to get out of the House and roving hometown to catch Pokemon.

Simply install the application called Nox App Player to a PC or Laptop. This application has also provided virtual segregation of similar Fake GPS. It’s just that, in this emulator you can move the location safely without having to worry about a GPS Error occurs, like most players Pokemon Go natural in smartphones.

But before, you should make sure that your PC or Laptop that is used must meet the minimum specifications required by the Nox application App Player. For example, the OS that is used must be Windows XP and above, at least Dual-core processor (Intel or AMD), support Open GL 2.0 or later, RAM 1.5 GB of memory, 1 GB of storage plus installation 1.5 GB which should be provided and must be connected to the main network of the internet.

If the above prerequisites are already being met, you can already begin the ritual of playing Pokemon Go on a PC or Laptop.

Install Emulator Pokemon Go

1. Download Nox App Player on

2. next, install it to your PC or Laptop.

3. Once installed, click ‘ Start ‘ to start the Nox App Player.
4. choose “System Settings > Advanced” to do some default settings.
Change the ‘ Performance ‘ setting to High option. In the ‘ Startup ‘ Setting select Phone and adjust the resolution to 720×1280. If it is, click ‘ Save ‘. Then restart the application.

Add your Google account to install pokemon go

You previously have installed and played Pokemon Go on smartphones using a Google account, just register a Google account back to the Emulator so that Pokemon data Nox can be connected. How to add a Google account is the same as you use your Android phone. Could be through Google launcher Play Store. Select ‘ Play ‘ Store, and follow the registration procedure applicable to the standard Google account.

Set the location to find pokemon go

Before starting to play the games Pokemon Go, preferably do location virtual settings. Here, you can put a position anywhere. Not only in themselves, but to other cities can even abroad. The location is set up it will apply and displayed each time you start the game Pokemon Go. Except, if you change it each time you want to start playing.
1. open the Nox App Player. In an early appearance of the application, select the icon location (GPS) on the list of settings that are on the right side of the emulator display. Or, you can also press the CTRL + 3 on the PC keyboard or Laptop.


2. Pop up digital map Google Maps will automatically show up on the screen of your PC or Laptop.

3. type the location that you want in the dialog box and click the ‘ search ‘Geocoded. If the desired location already appears on a digital map display, you can drop the pointer GPS location by pressing a more specific location on the digital map. In this example, the Arcaneware cursor pointer GPS location in New York.

4. If the location already selected, press the ‘ OK ‘ at the bottom of the notification digital map.

By using the virtual application bignox you can directly download and run games Pokemon Go like on your smartphone.

To avoid exposed softband Pokemon Go because the use of a virtual location in this Emulator, which you can not catch Pokemon or fight in the Gym, you should move the virtual location not too far and not too often do. Let me pause for a few hours, if you want to change a location far enough, for example, from philadelphia to New York City and so on.

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