Pokemon Go Tips: How To Save Battery Life When Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Tips

Game Pokemon Go already mushrooming and converge in their lives that the hobby of playing games. Unlike other Augmented Reality based games, Pokemon Go able to hypnotize the smartphone gamers to sample the game later.

In addition to presenting a catalogue of Pocket Monster (Pokemon) funny and unique, according to the older games and movie animation, Pokemon Go also features game play that can make curious players. To get the Pokemon you want, you have to get around the page while running around. To save your trip please read: how to play Pokemon go on PC or Laptop

Unfortunately, in addition to offering a quite sensational game, Pokemon Go also turned out to have some shortcomings. One of them is sucking mobile phone battery consumption.

Then, there’s not enough powerful ways anyway so that the mobile phone battery stay safe while playing Pokemon Go? The answer, of course there is the trick. Not by bringing the battery backup or powerbank, but you simply utilizing existing features in the game Pokemon Go itself including doing a little setting.

Well, This Tip saves battery life while playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Tips How To Save Battery Life When Playing Pokemon Go

1. Battery Saver Mode

Though maximum not too, but this way is fairly reliable for little save battery usage when you play Pokemon Go.

When this mode is activated, the screen of the mobile phone will automatically adjust the brightness level aka dims. However, you will get a notification when the vibrating Pokemon show up near you.

To enable this mode, enter the menu settings the game Pokemon Go. Click the image icon Select > Pokeball gir/Settings that are in the top right corner of the display game > tick on the option ‘ Battery Saver ‘ to enable this mode.

2. Disable mode AR (Augmented Reality)

The next step is to try not to use modes AR (Augmented Reality) when will catch the Pokemon that appears. It’s this AR mode, when deactivated, the sensation of Augmented Reality that so the flagship games Pokemon Go so does not feel again.

However, if the battery problem that wastes time playing Pokemon Go so the biggest problem for you, ya should inevitably this AR mode should be disabled.

How, when you want to catch wild Pokemon that appear, in fashion ready to throw a Pokeball, slide the toggle AR to normal mode to disable it.

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