Review Infinix Hot 2: Android One Second Generation

Review Infinix Hot 2 Android One Second GenerationSmartphone Android One is a smart solution offered by Google for smartphones can deliver a cheaper yet still presents an interesting experience for its users. One of the advantages of an Android smartphone is getting a priority for the Android operating system update. So, this device can be said to remain up-to-date until the next few years. And of course, will get the latest update of Android Marshmallow (now available) or even Android N which will appear later.

One of these Android One device that we tested this time comes from the brand Infinix Hot 2. This smartphone is a second-generation Android One device that would bring the capabilities and specifications that are better than the first generation.

From the specification, it turns SoC used in the second generation Android One is still using Mediatek SoC MT6580M the same as the first generation, the Cortex A7 quad core speed of 1.3 GHz. As for its GPU uses Mali 400MP that only support 32-bit instructions. RAM installed is already a capacity of 2 GB and internal storage was large enough to reach 16 GB. For expansion, you can take advantage of the microSD slot on the back.

Compared with Android One series that has been circulated previously, Infinix Hot 2 comes with carrying a wider screen, which is 5 inches and has a resolution of 720 × 1280. Unfortunately on this screen part there are no protective coating such as Corning Gorilla Glass so it is quite prone to scratches. Even so, you can anticipate it by adding a screen-protector or scratch-resistant coating itself to be more secure.

Physically, the form presented by Infinix Hot 2 has a construction that is quite sturdy and looks solid. Despite the fact that the material used is plastic, but still use the application as if color glossy create an impression of luxury for a low-end smartphone.

Dual-SIM support seems to be a standard that must be present on any smartphone device at this time. And it applies to the Infinix Hot 2, where there are two SIM card slots to accommodate two numbers simultaneously (GSM-GSM). But keep in mind, it is still a supported network 3G and applies only to the first SIM only. While the second SIM only supports 2G network.

As smartphones to low-end segment, Infinix Hot 2 turned out to be equipped with high-resolution camera support. The rear camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels and equipped with LED flash while the front camera has a resolution of 2 megapixels which can be used to take pictures selfie or make video calls.

The battery is attached to this smartphone with capacity large enough, that is 2200 mAh. With such capacity, you can use it all day long with a standard user without the need to worry. The battery can be removed / pairs so as to facilitate maintenance of this device.

Smartphone is priced at $ 91.04 range offers various solutions you need now. Performance presented quite satisfactory both in terms of computing, operational, the camera and the battery capacity. Even so, the smartphone is equipped only with limited support such as proximity sensor, light sensor and accelerometer alone. Some applications such as a compass or VR for cardboard possibility can not run properly on the device due to the absence of a magnetic sensor or a gyroscope sensor.

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