HP Elite X3: A Tool to Support Entire Business Activities

HP Elite X3 A Tool to Support Entire Business ActivitiesHP Elite X3 – Changes in working style has been a catalyst in the design of mobile devices today. The trend of using more than one or two devices to work result in a less effective in supporting employment. In certain cases, the possibility that the files in a single device is not compatible diperangkat else. This will certainly lead to new problems, especially if you are being pressed for time, then the final result obtained will not necessarily expected maximum.

HP Inc. through its newest product HP Elite x3 offers the latest breakthrough that revolutionized the mobile computing experience. Designed to be flexible in addressing a major shift will be the location and the way we work, the product is the latest mobile ecosystem to drive the next generation of computing.

Anneliese Olson as the General Manager and Vice President of Personal Systems Business, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP said that the current average employees and business people carry around two or three devices to support their work. With the HP Elite x3, they now only need one device only.

HP Elite x3 is the first business-specific mobile devices that provide business productivity from phablet, laptops, to desktops in a single device. By utilizing Continuum on Windows 10, Elite x3 offers multi-screen transition between scenarios friction-free mobile phone and desktop computer scenarios. The users can dock Elite x3 with accessories ecosystem productivity in order to combine the experience of desktops and laptops while maintaining productivity on-the-go with the premium phablet world-class commercial level. For low price please read more : Android One Second Generation for a low-end smartphone

With these capabilities, users can easily switch between using Elite x3 as a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, no longer need to worry about what devices should be used in every environment. Elite x3 also use biometrics (there are infra red for iris and finger print sensor) to unlock the device-adds an extra layer of security for the business customers.

X3 Elite offers a unique computing experience by relying on the strength of 820 Snapdragon processor, Windows 10 with Windows Mobile Continuum, HP Desk Dock and Dock Lap optionally allowing the user to work with each rules wherever they are. Users can also enjoy charging easier and faster with Qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 3.0.

Desk Dock offers a full-featured desktop experience for Elite x3. Among them are the DisplayPort for external monitor support, two USB connections and a USB-A-C ™ for business continuity, and the Ethernet cable to easily move to the workbench. Elite x3 vertically standing upright in a comfortable position to be seen when sitting at the table. The dock can also be used with / without a protective case.

HP Lap Dock creates the experience with HD 12.5-inch diagonal display paneled ultra thin (near zero) weighing approximately 1 kilo. No data will be stored in the Lap Dock for additional security, all the applications, password, and the document is set and stored in the Elite x3.

X3 Elite also allows users to work through their favorite applications and dependent on HP Workspace-catalog application designed by HP for easy access to applications, virtual-to encourage the experience of using an application without a hitch. HP Elite x3 Wok space on creating a virtual PC, where users can access applications through a selection x86 virtual solutions. The users can benefit from quick access to all of their virtual applications with experience using the keyboard and mouse are generally not available on a mobile device when using Lap Desk Dock and Dock.

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