How To Get Pokemon Go On Windows 10 Mobile

How To Get Pokemon Go On Windows 10 MobileUntil the beginning of August 2016, Pokemon Go is only available for Android and iOS operating systems. What about the fate of Windows Phone users?

Through the website, a petition to appear as the manufacturer of Pokemon Go Niantic to release the game on Windows Phone. At least 100,000 people who follow these petitions with a total acquisition is expected to occur in just over a month.

Niantic itself has no plans to develop the game Pokemon Go so that it can run on Windows Phone despite many requests from users of the Windows operating system made.

Do not give up so easily, an application developer for Windows Phone One Auth trying to port Pokemon Go in order to run in Windows 10 to make Pokemon Go client named POGO. POGO itself can only be run through Windows 10 Mobile as a universal app, so it can not run on Windows Phone. Read more : How To Save Battery Life When Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Trainer Club account which can be registered via Andoid and iOS is required to run the pogo. Log in to Pokemon GO via Android or iOS to configure the trainer and log out. By using Windows 10 Mobile, enable sideloading via Settings> Update and Security> Developer mode, and then download pogo coffee to your phone. Through the file manager, execute and file the certificate and appx.

Pokemon Go icon will appear in the list of applications after the pogo run. Now, you can run the game normally. Log in with an account created from Android or iOS and catch ’em all.

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