Pokemon Go Coming Kick Players Cheaters Forever

Pokemon Go Coming Kick Players Cheaters Forever

Go Pokemon game developer, will kick out players cheat. Pokemon Go players are cheating, using either a fake GPS, bots, and other actions siapdiblokir cheat permanent.

There are many known ways of cheating that can be done in Pokemon Go. By using false or fake GPS GPS, the player can wander easily search Pokemon throughout the world. To save your trip please read: Pokemon Go Tips: How To Save Battery Life When Playing Pokemon Go

Many also go into Pokemon Go from the back of the system. This is very detrimental to a variety of parties. For the sake of justice and restore the quality of the game Pokemon Go, Niantic ready to kick a player cheating.

Niantic already making anti-cheat system. For now, Niantic still looking for patterns and habits of the cheating player. They certainly do not want any of the players to block Pokemon Go.

Slowly but surely, Niantic‘ve run this cleanup program. Apparently, there are some players that are blocked by Niantic. But blocking that do have some specific time duration.

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